Mar. 20th, 2009

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Yes, I know. Yes, I was writing earlier. Now I am waiting for the badge-and-program-doling-out-room to hurry up and open (the first time I asked they thought it might be at one-ish. After that, they said, three. Now it's four - but that's on an official sign on the door so I'm inclined to treat it as official...) After I get that done, I need to go eat something. After that, well, we will see what the program has on offer for tonight.

Tomorrow, hit the ground running, three or four panels more or less back to back, dinner with friends in the evening, I won't really have time to take a deep breath. Sunday should be easier - only a couple of items on the program that I am required for - and then I have to go and try and check into my flight and print my boarding passes (need to go to the hotel's business center for that, as I haz no printer) and early on Monday it's home James and somehow I just know I'm going to wake up suddenly one of these moments and it'll be Monday morning and the weekend will have done its "Huh? WHere'd it go?" things...

Still working on that story. Turning out a little... complicated.

See you later.

(And I STILL need a con icon.)

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