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Announcing the Polish edition of Worldweavers #1: Gift of the Unmage!

Here's a glimpse of the cover:

Haven't had an actual author's copy yet, but this is kind of cool...
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Story Siren interviews me here.

There's another thing a-brewing soon, I hope. In the meantime, enjoy.
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I just got an email from a UK friend telling me to "go QUICKLY" and look at "Secrets of Jin SHei" on the Amazon UK site.

Oh, it was worth a look! Here's what I just tripped over, and this for a book whose pub date is given on the site as September 2004:

"The Secrets of Jin Shei" Sales Rank: 10,663 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

Popular in this category:
#1 in Books > Fiction > World > Chinese"

Yes, I know this will change within the hour, probably. But still. Sometimes the world is kind.

Update -

Feb. 1st, 2009 10:17 pm
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[ profile] dichroic this may be of particular interest to you - I am given to understand that the Worldweavers books, including "Cybermage", are now available in Kindle editions from Amazon.

The Hardcover first edition of "Cybermage", as well as the paperback "Spellspam", hit the brick-and-mortar stores in a little over a week.

Just FYI.
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VERY SOON NOW the third WOrldweavers book, "Cybermage" will be hitting bookstores in its hardcover edition. It will be accompanied by "Spellspam" in its paperback incarnation.

This means that hardcover editions of books 1 and 2 of the series, "Gift of the Unmage" and "Spellspam", are going to be hard-to-impossible to find out there very quickly.

So here's the thing.

I have a limited number of hardcover editions of #1 and #2. Do you wish to own all three books in first edition hardcovers? Here's your chance. For $45 (PayPal is fine, so are checks), the first TEN people to email me or leave a mailing address in the (screened) comments here below will receive a Special Package. This package will contain:

*A SIGNED hardcover copy of "Gift of the Unmage", Worldweavers #1

*A SIGNED hardcover copy of "Spellspam", Worldweavers #2

*A signed bookplate suitable for insertion into book 3, which will be available in stores near you (or online) imminently, and is certainly available for pre-order now

*Each book comes with its own special bookmark, specially designed for every individual volume - the original series, for book 1, is now pretty scarce...

*A selection of other small swag pertaining to the books

If you're a completist, or you know somebody who owns one of the books in paperback and would love a HC for their collection - if you have young readers to whom you wish to give the gift of reading - if you're a librarian, general or school, and want such a set for your library - now's your chance to get signed first editions.

First ten people on the starting line.

Comments screened for your protection.

Over to you.
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I'm going to be in the Borderlands Bookstore in San Francisco at 3 PM on November 15, and I'll be in Copperfield's Books in Sebastopol at 3 PM on November 16th, reading from various works, signing books, mingling.

Anyone within shouting distance, PLEASE come and say hi! I'd love to see you!

Anyone living in the area (SF, in particular) who wants to, perhaps, get together for a coffee or something, email me for my cell number.

Hope to see some of you there!
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I can now announce - as it is now officially listed on their website - that I will be the Writer Guest of Honor at Radcon in 2009 - more details (and more and more, as the site is updated closer to the event) here.

Roll on February...
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I have a handful of ARCs for book 3 of Worldweavers.

If you have a venue where you think you can review this book and you would like an early ARC, let me know in comments (which I shall screen) - but I really do have only a handful, so make it a good venue! (Anyone who can give me something really widely read like, say, Green Man Reviews is a shoe-in...)

Leave a snailmail address in the comments, or at the very least an email where I can go to get a snailmail address - remember, comments are screened so nobody sees this information but me and thee. Thanks in advance for any potential review offers - look forward to hearing from you!
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I just found out that "Gift of the Unmage" has been nominated for the SCASL (South Carolina Association of School LIbrarians) BOok Awards - and there's a podcast review of the book which is pretty damned great - if you can ignore that driving background music, grrrr. But it's pretty sweet, especially since it comes all unlooked for...
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...but I was playing around a site on the Internets and got this:

Think I'll keep it... (although, I have to admit, it leaves a lot to be desired in the fuzziness department, and, well, a lot of other departments... But I've still got a lot to learn when it comes to stuff like this... )
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They say "no image available" on the site, but pffft! I showed you the cover right on this here blog, not too long ago! So you KNOW what it will look like! But just in case you forgot...

If you're interested in exploring a pre-order option, it's here

Exciting times.
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...the close-to-final cover of Worldweavers 3!

(they're still tinkering, but I've been given permission to post it - feel free to pass it on!)

(click on it for a somewhat bigger image)

My cover genie is still on the job. I think it's fabulous.
anghara: (book and glasses), for your perusal. It's quite a lengthy and comprehensive one...
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...also did a fantastic interview with me, which is now up for your perusal. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this one. Go have a look.
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Off to get ready for the event in question - anyone in the immediate vicinity who might be reading this please DO drop in, a friendly face in the audience is always appreciated - everyone else, the voice is teetering a little, balancing on the edge of being OK but still prone to attacks of the coughies if I take a breath wrong. I'll take a bag full of cough drops with me, and hopefully they will last at least until the reading part of the evening is over. Think good thoughts.


Had some 14 - 16 people there, including [ profile] mareklamo and a lovely older couple who bought copies of both books for their grand-daughter's birthday and a smattering of teenagers with parental or other guardianship-type adult units in tow, all of whom meandered up to get books signed which is all to the good because this is my word of mouth machinery gearing up. One young lady who came up to tell me that she read book 1 in the library and very very much wanted to buy book 2 actually ran off to where someone holding purse strings was, in a restaurant across the street, and came back to snaffle up a copy of "Spellspam". All very cool.

The voice held out - just. The Village Books people are awesome, they took one look at their genteelly coughing guest speaker and a large mug of steaming peppermint tea sweetened with honey was waiting for me at the podium when I started the reading. These are good people, I'm lucky to have a really good indie bookshop like this in my back yard.

Anyway. I suppose I can't talk at all tomorrow, trying to preserve the voice for Idaho on Friday and Saturday. But so far, so good. I can do this.
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Sure, it's brand new and theres a limited amount of stuff on it - but I intend to nurture this particular flower and let's see what comes of it. It is yet another blog opportunity which will be visited peripatetically.

You may go for a look-see here - and please note that I am in some fairly distinguished company here... (feel free to pass on the link to any interested parties...)
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New blog review of "Gift of the Unmage" here

The money quote:
Fantasy fans will definitely enjoy this amazing novel. Many will recognize themselves in Thea. I know I recognized this underachieving teen whose parents expected worlds of greatness from her. If you’re looking for a fresh breath in the fantasy world, check out Worldweavers: Gift of the Unmage by Alma Alexander in your local library or on today.
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"Hot off the presses", it says on a little card clipped to the dustjacket.

The first copy of the new book. "Gift of the Unmage" is ALIVE, and about to step out into the world.

Yes, book 2 is in editing right now (and man, there's nothing that makes a book feel more real than getting a MS full of scribbles and post-its and editorial edicts to go forth and FIX...) and book 3 is in the process of being created - the entire trilogy is in a dynamic mode right now, and the whole thing is a living breathing go-getting entity... but so far the actual BOOK, the volume that will grace bookshelves, that has not yet been a reality. Now it is. I am holding it in my hands.

Man,this just never gets old. NEVER. The wonderful shape and texture and smell of that new book. A story born of your own mind and heart and hand and spirit.

It just never gets old.

Look for it in bookstores soon, now. REAL soon. It will be there any moment.

I know.

I've seen it.

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