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...or at the very least, in a jar...

(elsewhere on the main page there's meteorite jewellery. I'm practically drooling. If only I had the $$$ to spare for things I REALLY don't need but wantwantwantwantwant...)
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I stumbled upon THIS clip quite by accident and was totally blown away by the fact that this particular piece of musical theatre works so well in so mindbogglingly many languages:

...but then they ended up with "One more day", and MAN, I remember the first time I saw that in a theatre, half the audience was about ready to scramble up over their seats and join the barricades on stage. They used that song to unexpectedly good effect in the run-up to the election (the "One more day" set in a campaign headquarters for Obama, I posted a link to it here at the time) - but this second clip, this is a new one for me:

And here's another - it won't let me embed it but I hope that this gets you there.

Amazing stuff. "Les Miz" the musical - I've seen it on the London stage six times now. And if I ever get another change, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be there again.


Dec. 21st, 2008 02:17 pm
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Some days the things that people do absolutely astonish me.
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I think I might cry. I am not sure why. Things like this do that to me.
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The folks over at Making Light are doing something really beautiful. Go here to take a look.

Yes, I played the game.
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New gadget, described as "...simple, ultra-sleek full-page 8.5-inch by 11-inch electronic book and newspaper reader with a flexible plastic touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to read regular Office documents without conversion of any kind."

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It makes me very sad to think that some day - some day soon - the last living blue whale on earth will be swimming through the oceans of earth calling for a mate that will never hear the call again.

Pop around here to listen to the sounds of the sea...
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...The one that the two dudes who raised him went back to see in Africa?

The one that stared at them in disbelief, and then launched himself at them in an ecstasy of love and recognition?

Here's the full story. Get some tissues.

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NASA probe sends back pictures of Earth from far, far away... oh, just go here and watch the video

It's such a strange, beautiful, alien world.

ET phone home...
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Is this place for real? According to [ profile] swan_tower, from whom I gacked these photos, everything you see was built without a single iron nail...
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There's no STOPPING this thing. Whatever you throw in its way, it manages to deal with.

And right there at the end... I swear, the thing is PLAYING. It's scary.
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I offer you this, without any further comment.
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There's a video up at YouTube. It's nothing special as and of itself, just a slide show of family images set to a nice Spanish piece of popular music - pictures of a life - something that a friend might share with a friend in this electronic age in lieu of a postcard or a letter.

But beside it is this comment:

Para mi queridisima Jin-Shei Ana María una amiga del alma que aunque
vive lejos,en Uruguay,la siento cada día más cerca.

I ran that through Babelfish, just to make sure I was getting the sense of it - the translator mangled it in predictable ways, but the gist of it translates as

For my queridisima Jin-Shei Ana Maria a friend of the soul that
although lives far, in Uruguay, I feel every day close more.

There's a real pair of Jin Shei sisters in this world.

One of them lives in Uruguay, for heaven's sakes.

I think I may cry.

(Oh, the video is here, if you really want to go look)

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