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...let me announce with great pleasure that I will be having Jim Hines (of "Goblin Quest" fame" as a guest blogger in this very forum, IMMINENTLY. Watch this space on August 12 for what promises to be a vintage Jim Hines reading experience.
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There's a group of us writerly folk that have gravitated into an online community called - how did you guess?... - SFNovelists. Our website, with Captain Tobias Buckell at the helm, is over here, newly revamped and refurbished and looking brand spanking new and shiny with lots of cool stuff on it about LOTS of your favourite authors.

There's always been a "feed" of members' blogs, with the original site mirroring what we've all been saying in our own blogs - but now there's a new feature on the site, which is a SFNovelists Blog where members of the community post original entries on that site. We are setting up a monthly rotation so there's always going to be something new and interesting on the site - my day is the fifth of each month, and my very first SFNovelists blog entry is now up on the site. So go read. And go back often. It's a great site full of talented and knowledgeable and eloquent people - it's going to be good reading.
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Tomorrow morning the third book in the Worldweavers trilogy will be winging its way into New York.

I feel the usual mix of exhilaration and apprehension. There goes another novel, done and written and dreamed up and brought up to behave properly in civilised society and now it's time to let it go out into the world.

To become my tenth published book, in its turn. Congratulate me, I've just stepped into double digits. Excuse me while I take a moment to look at that fact with a sense of bemused wonder.

In the next three weeks or so, I'll catch up with the reviews that I'm due to write for a couple of places, do a reading and a writing camp workshop, and gather stuff together for Worldcon. Japan, here I come.
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Um, you remember I was just talking about the proofs for Worldweavers #2? THe ones I just turned in this week?...

Turns out you can pre-order the book from Amazon already. With a release date of March 1 2008.

No cover image yet (but trust me, it's worth waiting for - it's a gonna be a pretty spectacular cover! - but colour me impressed, anyway. That book is available for preorder a full nine months before it hits the bookshelves. That's... kind of cool.
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The most excellent [ profile] chrisdolley will be taking center stage in this blog with a guest spot on June 22. Billing himself as "an English author living in exile", Mr Dolley's own LJ blog is always great reading, from updates on the household cats to the trials and tribulations of living in La Belle France. He is the author of two novels - his first, "Resonance", was published back in 2005 and went on to enter US SF&F bestseller charts a month after its release; his second, "Shift", is coming out in hardcover from Baen on July 3 this year.

He will be here to talk about life, the Universe, and everything - including his work and his new novel. Please mark your calendars accordingly, this will be something to look forward to.
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"Gift of the Unmage" is officially released today.

As a birthday present, I have just been told that it is to receive a starred review in the April issue of VOYA.

Happy birthday, little book. Go get 'em.

Server down

Mar. 6th, 2007 09:51 am
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...and my website(s) are out of the count for the moment. Normal service will resume ASAP.

Thank you for your attention.

Perhaps, later, if the sites are still down, I'll trawl for some amusing links to keep you occupied in the interim period...
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It currently has 22 members, and I absolutely promise that it won't clutter up your inbox with stuff - when pertinent information comes up it'll be posted, otherwise THIS is the place where I'll be doing most of the chitchatting. You can go HERE and sign up for it if you're interested in being on the announcements list. There's an opening newsletter there now, members are allowed to post to the group and I hope they will, and that is all.

Just a small public service announcement, is all.
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...the edits of book 2 of "Worldweavers", that is. Now I need to go through it again and figure out if I unravelled anything important when I pulled a few plot threads here and there according to editorial tweak fiat. This has to be done this week, because I have tend ays to get this draft into my editor's hands before she absonds for the silly season - sure, she'll be back in early January but I'd rather she had this from me THIS year. If she does, and she likes what I've done with it, the sooner she has it and the sooner she reads it and the sooner she makes that decision, well, the sooner my on-acceptance half of the advance gets paid. Won't happen before Christmas, but early in the new year would be just GREAT.

Then I have to gather up a bunch of reviews I've written and not sent in to SFSIte and mail those in before the end of the year.

Then I have another pow wow with my lovely agent about The New Sekrit Project tomorrow (I swear, I'll babble about that as soon as I am able).

Basically I don't think I'll hear from anyone again concerning anything writerly before 2007 after this MS goes into the editor's hands, so here's a bit of recap of the writerly 2006:


"The Secrets of Jin Shei" saw daylight in Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Lithuanian and Czech. The Italians brought out a paperback edition. German edition is supposedly due out this year too but I haven't heard anything more about that recently, so it's a waiting game. The Spanish edition went into its second printing three months after its first release in hardcover, which is fantaastic. This leaves the Turkish edition to come out next year, hopefully, of the "old" contracts; new contracts signed for this book include those for the Brazilian and the Israeli editions, pub date to be announced.

"The Embers of Heaven" came out in Australia and New Zealand roughly about this time last year, and in paperback in the UK in September. The Dutch edition of "Embers" emerged in November. Further contracts signed include Portuguese, Spanish and Lithuanian editions. It's catching up to its predecessor, in terms of languages; however, US publication remains dangling.

The "Changer of Days" books remain in circulation and are getting me quite a few fanmails.A German edition has been sold, but not, as far as I know, given a place in the publishing calendar as yet.

The Worldweavers Trilogy is a work in progress. Book 1, "Gift of the Unmage", hits the US bookstores in February or early March 2007. Book 2 is likely to go into full editorial mode in the first quarter of 2007, and as far as I know is slated for release in the spring of 2008. FOr the duration of 2007, I shall be writing book 3, the trilogy's conclusion, which is due to be submitted by September of next year and presumably meant for a spring 2009 slot. Book 2 was incredibly fun to write; book 3 is going to be a smorgasbord of all kinds of fantasy goodness, and I am actually rather looking forward to writing that. Teh trilogy has already been sold to one foreign market, Poland

Short Stories:

Submissions: five (which is five more than last year)
Acceptances: one

But then I am not a natural short story writer. These are definitely a sideline for me at the moment...


I have a few more writerly and editorial chores to accomplish before the end of next week, and then I'll kick off my shoes and pour out the eggong and concentrate on enjoying Christmas before January begins a brand new working year.

I remain astonished and delighted at my life.

To my fellow writers on this forum, I wish the promise of sparkling success twinkling under your Christmas tree. To those who read rather than write, my thanks for making what I do possible, and may there always be enough in ALL our wallets for bread and for books without either of which humankind is diminished. And to everybody - in the words of the Immortal Dickens - may God bless us, every one.
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Mailbox contents today included a copy of a book which I thought I already had - the Spanish hardcover edition of "Jin Shei". Upon closer inspection, the dust-jacket is subtly different - it has been reprinted, with a little blue circle on it informing the reader (in Spanish with an exclamation point!) that more than 20 000 copies have been sold.

A look inside yielded the information that the first edition of this book was published in June 2006.

A second impression - an example of which I am apparently now in possession of - was reprinted in September.

In three months they sold 20 000 copies? Of the *hardcover*????

Muchas gracias, Espana!
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I have just signed the contracts for a Polish edition of the Worldweavers trilogy. A new market, a new language.

One very happy author here.
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Am still tinkering with it, so the FINAL final wordcount might be a smidge up or down, but as of last night, 28 July 2006, I am officially DONE with book 2 of the Worldweavers trilogy.

Zokutou word meter
105,560 / 105,560

It is in final-first-draft-revision now. It goes to the agent next week.

*falls over in a heap*
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Just signed the contracts for a Dutch edition of "Embers of Heaven" - they're the first foreign language edition of "Embers". They were also the first foreign publisher of "Jin Shei" to produce actual royalties, the book having earned out its advance. I'm feeling rather a lot of the warm fuzzies for the Dutch right now!
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I'm doing a Worldbuilding workshop, June 23-25, in the beautiful San Juan Islands out here in Puget Sound. Read all about it here:

The workshop is limited to eight participants, and I've got one lady registered already - so there's seven places left. It's Puget Sound, in high summer, and a weekend of writing and revelling in the company of other writers - sorry, ladies only, due to the nature of accomodations provided - if you think that you or someone you know (feel free to disseminate the info freely!) might benefit from or purely enjoy this kind of thing, you can register on-line at the URL above. Perhaps I'll be seeing you there!

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