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The folks at this place can have an exceedingly snarky sense of humour - witness this:

"I think it's good to name your baby a name different from anyone else baby, because there is so many people who have the same name your baby have or it's very difficult. Also, it's hard to name your baby a different name, because when you think that no-one have that name there will be someone who have the same name your baby have when think you have named your baby different. so, you really can't think of any name that's different from anyone unless it's something made up."

I really, really hope English is this person's second or third language, and if she were writing in Albanian or Farsi or whatever she would be so eloquent you'd weep.

More where that came from Makes you wish that people had to get a licence before breeding.

Or at the very least before being permitted to name said offspring.
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Neil Gaiman is having fun, so I decided to play.

You do remember that I'm awaiting my book #2 copy edit, don't you...?

Well this is what the crystal ball flung at me:

"The copy editor has done a solid job."

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You could waste a pleasurable hour or so finding out which books you would not like, based on the books which you DO like.

I have to say I was particularly tickled by the juxtaposition of Bill CLinton's "My Life" in the IF YOU LIKE THIS column with something vaguely Christianly apocalyptic entitled "Don't Waste Your Life" in the YOU WON'T LIKE THIS column.

There are other similarly serendipitous pairings.

Go look.

(yeah, so I'm being silly on the internet in the aftermath of completing my edits. So...?)
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...but it would seem that folks who have noticed my penchant for WebWeirdness don't like to respect that. Just got this in email.

Some people should not be allowed to have children.
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[ profile] coffeem, are you listening? THIS one is for you...

(help, I can't get the damn thing out of my head...)
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I'm sure many of you will have seen this story:

No matter. Go read it again. It's SO worth it.

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