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...and there goes the year again, accelerating away from me in its usual fashion. My bulbs are out in force and very soon I'll have daffodils in the garden, which means we're into spring - and no, I don't care that it's snowing outside. Hubby informs me that "it's just flurries", but flurry or blizzard the verb applicable for what's going on outside right now is "snowing". But it's spring. I know it is. The daffodils are about to pop. Bellingham's famous cherry trees, the ones whose blossom so enchanted us when we first got here in late February four years ago, are starting to cover themselves with those delicate pink blooms. Before I know it, March will be halfway gone - I'll have to scurry off to Lunacon and come back - by the time I get back it'll be the last dash of March and the tulips will be out and soon after that the first rhododendrons are going to start and the lilacs and the lily of the valley and I know that before I have a chance to register THAT it'll be summer all over again.

Oy vey. The years go by faster and faster the older I get, I swear.


I've a SLEW of things to do, all of a sudden. All of it time sensitive. All of it priority. All of it... aw heck... going away to conventions is WORK, to be sure, but I swear I go off to them to get away from all the stuff I have to do at home...

(And it's SNOWING, folks. Seriously snowing. I kid you not.)

Back to the current job-in-progress. No, not the novel. Something came up.

Two steps forward, one step back, as usual.

Shall we dance?
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- as they are every year since 2003. It's an anniversary filled with difficult memories.

Here's an inkling as to why.

cut for length )
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...three more arrive in the mail to take its place.

Just an observation. Sigh.

In other news, happy Valentine's Day, to those for whom such things matter. I got taken to dinner at my favourite restaurant - good thing we went early because it was already like Noah's Ark in the waiting area when we arrived (two by two by two by two...) and by the time we were done and picked up to go the waiting time had grown to nearly an hour and people (still Noah's Arking with a vengeance) were spilling into corridors and were practically crowding into the kitchen. There were lots of roses in evidence. You couldn't possibly miss what date it was [grin]

Other than that, quiet day - it froze last night, and it's already at freezing tonight, and it actually SNOWED sometime last night, not much, but enough to stick around in the morning. My poor budding lilacs. I'm afraid they're a goner. And last night my cats freaked out royally when two coyotes howled somewhere REALLY close by. I felt like I should be cowering by a tiny fire in the long winter dark with a gold-nugget-filled creek somewhere near me in the night and bright cold gold rush stars in the sky. I think I read too much Jack London as a kid.

Anyway. Wrote a bunch of pages this afternoon. Let's see if I can't get the middle of Chapter 4 to fold into shape - I have the beginning and the end, and there's a connection in there somewhere, I know there is, I just need to dig it out. See y'all later.

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