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Snowing steadily all day. They're threatening SOLID freezing between now and the weekend. Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere before the thaw...


Dec. 17th, 2008 02:20 pm
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In other news I've discovered that I've comprehensively forgotten how to make a snowman. I was just out there trying to, in perfect snow, and somehow all I managed was a snow stalagmite.

Still. I had fun.

It's positively BALMY out there today - hovering at or just above freezing - according to the forecast it's back into the deep freeze tomorrow for a couple of days - but today... man... I just love watching it snow. There's... just... SOMETHING

And if nothing changes within the next couple of days we're having a white Christmas this year.

As it should be.
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I've loved snow. For as long as I can remember.

When I was very little we used to go to Slovenia every winter, a place with mountains and lakes and firs bowing under the weight of the white stuff - the place where I learned to ski, and where snow drifts were sometimes higher than my seven-year-old self. I fell in love then, with a sweet and intense purity of childhood devotion, and I've never grown out of it. NEVER. Perhaps it was this snow-love that drove me to Banff in teh Canadian Rockies, ostensibly for skiing although my days on skis at that time could be counted on the fingers of two hands - but there were mountains, and there were firs, and there was snow. I wandered the empty streets of Banff in near whiteout conditions when a blizzard hit, and cried for joy as the big white flakes fell in silent beauty around me.

I'm a snow junkie.

Last night was one of the most magical things that mankind has ever been privileged to see - moonlight on snow, and the veils between worlds were suddenly thin and transparent and I could clearly see that magical other side where unicorns live in the woods. Everything glittered and glowed with that bone-white light on the frosty snow. It was breathtakingly beautiful. And before that, the day before that, when the temperatures barely made 20F - I went out in that icy wonderland and started drinking it all in.

I promised you pictures )

I walked the icy roads of my neighbourhood, the deserted icy roads of my neighbourhood, and I've seldom felt as vividly alive as when I was wandering down snowy roads under brittle winter sunlight with the frigid air nipping at my cheeks and my feet getting cold in bootees which were perhaps thinner than they ought to have been at that kind of sub-freezing temperatures. But I am a woman in love, and I lifted my eyes to the blue sky and the white branches etched against it, and I laughed for the joy of it.

Yes, I know it can be deadly - everything beautiful is. I know that I personally worry about frozen pipes, about driving in that icy mess, about the potential for broken saplings or rhododendrons under the weight of snow in my garden, about the possibility of power cuts in a house that's exclusively electrically heated and which could become a meat locker if the heaters were to lose the juice. But DAMMIT, it is beautiful. And it has my heart in its cold hand, like a trembling bird, and there is nothing I can do about that.

It is beautiful.

I know it's still a month until Christmas and that it is unlikely that we will have a repeat of this weather at that time, but I will leave you with one of the most potent blessings that popular music lyrics have ever uttered.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I wrte
May your days be merry and bright...
And may all your Christmasses be white."
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It's ankle deep out there, and still piling - I know, because one of our young trees has trouble with the weight and I've been going out there and shaking it down every so often and the last time it went into my ankle-high boots and made my feet wet...

(I have to go out there again, and it's DARK outside - pray that I don't break my leg or something!)

In other news, we filled an old and scratched up and retired muffin pan with bird feed and put it under the eaves of the house - and the little birds have been shivering on it all day. There was a deer out there just before it got too dark to see, a single doe, looking lost and sad-eyed against the winter trees. The cats are staring outside in baffled bewilderment and turning to look at me and going, "What IS that stuff?"

They tell me it isn't going to stop soon - maybe late Tuesday.

I'm glad we don't have to GO anywhere in the early part of this week. No, really. Our roads out here are windy, narrow, slippery and they are not - or haven't been yet - cleared, so driving is an adventure...

They're talking about 18 F tonight. Ouch.

Going out to shake the tree down, and then to have some supper.

Tomorrow morning, against the backdrop of silent snow, we're decking out the Christmas tree. Tis, as they say, definitely the season...

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