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I was getting close to drowning again, piles of paper everywhere, all related to SOMETHING, needing to be filed, to be paid, to be looked at, to be dealt with, to be read, to be assimilated.

I finally wrestled it down to size. I have ONE time-sensitive pile which might entail a deadline or two; the rest... is in envelopes, or in folders, or in files, or in my head where it ought to be. I've emailed those who needed to be emailed, stamped the envelopes that need to be tossed into the post box tomorrow, ye gods, I can see the top of my desk again.


Okay. Time for the next chapter, now. No more excuses. I've been very good and industrious - and tomorrow I have plans, as in, there's a long-standing lunch date with a local group of freelance writers - so tomorrow I'm pretty much writing off as a "writing day". But the rest of this week - I have no further obligations or commitments. And I have set myself a certain writing goal.

By Wiscon, I need to be in a certain place with this novel. I won't have finished it - that would be too much to ask - but I need to have done a substantial chunk of it. Because May I have other things happening - a conference appearance, and Wiscon - and then June I have another event scheduled - and then I have house guests in July - and then it's August - and it's WORLDCON, and Japan - and I"m all out of time. Book 3 needs to start HAPPENING, like, now.

So, fair warning. I may be here somewhat less.

The writing life. You just gotta love it.
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Hope everyone has petted a black cat today...

In the mailbox, the author's copies of the Portuguese edition of "Jin Shei", and a very beautiful book it is too. It's just that it's so FRUSTRATING, being almost almost *almost* but not quite able to understand the blurb in the back, which sounds like it's absolutely beautiful stuff but there's this obstinate veil of not-quite-comprehension between me and it... argh. But they're pretty, they're REALLY pretty, they used my favourite cover art (the US hardcover pensive young woman with a spray of delicate orinetal flowers) and I am a little flabbergasted at the sheer speed at which this book was bought, translated, and released by the Portuguese publisher. I'm also told some long-owing money is in the mail to me too - which is always nice to hear. So that was the GOOD stuff that happened today.

I got the usual bills, too. That would be the BAD stuff. I think it's a sort of rite of passage, growing up, when you get your first bills - you feel all adult and responsible and whoa, I have my own utilities, and all like that - but MAN, when they keep coming every time you think you've cleared your desk... sigh.

So. There. Day in a nutshell - went grocery shopping for us and for critters (those pesky birds adn squirrels are eating me out of house and home, but they are SO worth it when they put on the Breakfast Show in the mornings), went to post office, came home. I still need to get stuck into some serious review work, I have three or four books on which reviews are owing to SFSite and at least two more I"m in the middle of reading (Hi, [ profile] matociquala!), and shortly we are to start planning on WFC and all that entails, even if I DON'T get on the programming this year...

So - that-s the headlines. Now lemme go back and poke at my Portuguese book again for a bit. These foreign editions are fascinating for me...
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The proofs of Book 1 of the new YA turned up on my doorstep today (where they sat in the rain for a while before we came home - just as well they were in a waterproof envelope).

I aim to go through them in the next couple of days, over the weekend, but YEEIKES - the beast weighs in at 389 pages. That's just about precisely the girth of the US edition of "The Hidden Queen, which wasn't exactly what I've recently heard referred to as a Fantasy Cube but it was a respectably-sized paperback, and that was technically aimed at the adult reading public. Here's my first YA and it's definitely not an anorexic little volume beside its more "grown up" siblings.

I haven't looked at it very closely yet but I can tell you that it's going to be a handsome book when it's between its covers. It's looking pretty damn good to me at a cursory glance.

Back to stuff like paying bills, now - I swear, it's a curse, my desk is never free of them. The moment I pay the last one and go to mail it, I pick up three more at the post office. Sigh.
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...and now, with the new stuff, the tally is as follows:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
47,300 / 95,000

I plan on forging ahead tomorrow, finishing the current chapter - if not tomorrow then by the end of the week, dammit - and then I WILL write another chapter before I leave for Wiscon. I will, I will, I *will*.

Either way, it'll be well beyond halfway by that point.

Got work to do.
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Got a note from the vet today - the cats are due for their boosters and annual check ups. You don't want to KNOW how long it took me to corral the both of them for the vet visit last year. Gotta phone tomorrow for an appointment.

Got a call from my accountant, and although I've been paying in estimated quarterly taxes all last year apparently I still owe... a lot. It's going to be a tight one. Bleah.

Got to pin down my plumber to an actual date and time because the kitchen faucet needs replacing, and we've been dancing around this for WEEKS now. I appreciate the man's busy. So am I. This time he's gotta make an effort.

Got to get back to the book - I've got a couple or three linked chapters coming up and the thing should just fly once I get started again - but the trouble is the gettign started again what with all the other stuff that needs doing.

Got to get this nagging cough GONE, dammit, it's starting to drive me nuts.

Got to get my head set back straight. It's always like this right after a con - you spend a weekend being surrounded by people, pontificating at panels, socialising at parties, existing on evil snacks that you can grab in a free moment and coffee and adrenaline and too little sleep - and then you wave everyone goodbye and you go back to a real life which, for a weekend's worth of hours, seemed to be the fantasy. I can't belileve I was just all the way across the country on the other coast, five or six flight hours away. Everything's here, just as if I'd never left, except that I did leave and I've five days of stuff to catch up with - bills, messages, chores and responsibilities, and yes, writing.

The next one is Wiscon, the jubilee one, and it's going to be intense - and it's going to be another week out of my schedule - and alraedy I can't wait for it. I SWORE last year that I woudl cut down on the cons - but here I am, with one already under my belt, and at least three or four cons or writing workshops to go (and nicely spaced, too - May, August, October, November, chop chop chop into the year...)

And right now I"m still catching up on sleep so I'm going off to bed. Tomorrow, we shall see. TOmorrow is another day. TOmorrow I shut down party mode and become a worker again.
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My receipts and I are shortly going in to see my accountant in order to keep the IRS happily turning its cogs and wheels for another year. Then we need to go to a post office to get some 200 2c stamps (because we have at least 2 100-stamp rolls of the 37c stamps which are now obsolete) and possibly meander into a park so that [ profile] rdeck can go for a long overdue walk (it's been just too wet and windy and muddy and generally semi-impossible for a man still not wholly steady on his feet on uneven ground to go for a wander since, oh, I don't know, well before Chrsitmas now).

So I will, as the Terminator said, be back. Later. After I finish all these chores and do some tweakery on chapter 3 and possibly write the first five paragraphs of chapter 4 just to keep myself basking in the warm glow of something resembling accomplishment...)

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