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Summer has officially started, school is out, summer reading is in.

So here's something I'm throwing out there for the reading teens.

If you pick up the Worldweavers books this summer, email me a short review (it doesn't matter if it's no more than a paragraph). Don't forget to include your mailing address. I"ll send you four four signed bookplates in the mail - one for each of the three books in the trilogy, and one more which you can pass on to a friend who you think might also enjoy the books. The friends are then free to write in with a review, of course, and get bookplates of their own if they so wish...

The first three people who reply get a special SEKRIT present. (Which I might reveal here once the recipients have received it...)

Send them in with CONTEST: REVIEW in the subject line.

Also, here's another contest to tickle your creative juices. Send me a photo of a Worldweavers book in context with at LEAST three things that are mentioned in it (they can be anything. If you live in the Southwest, you can take a picture of the book next to a little pile of red dust from the desert. There's dreamcatchers. There's the animalcules that Thea describes peeves, chuckles, chortles etc as turning into Use your imagination...) Send in the pictures - and do please make sure they aren't HUGE - in emails with CONTEST: PHOTO in the subject line.

Entry details under cut )

And have a cool reading summer!
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Right. I said I'd announce the winner of the "Worldweavers" ARC today, and so I hereby proclaim that winner to be... [ profile] llygoden.

Congratulations, and the book will be on its way as soon as I can get it to the post office, weather permitting, if the pacific northwest survives the next storm onslaught prophesied for tomorrow.
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Okay, so you Brits and Aussies and other assorted non-North Americans have had access to "Embers of Heaven" for some time, so you were excluded from the last contest - because it was aimed at folks who might find the book hard to get.

The North Americans will, in the fullness of time, be able to obtain "Gift of the Unmage", the first Worldweavers book, with relative ease in their local bookstores - starting in February 2007 - and before that preorders are being taken at Amazon RIGHT NOW, so that side of the planet's covered. My lovely agent has already sold a Polish edition of the trilogy, but as yet there is no indication of one to be published in the British/Aussie/etc general readership area.

So here's the thing. THIS competition is ONLY for those not living in the United States and Canada. The prize... is one Advance Readers Copy of "Gift of the Unmage", Book 1 in the Worldweavers trilogy. Same rules apply as with the "Embers" contest - I will screen the comments to this post, if you are interested in being in the draw please leave me a comment saying so with an email address to which I can apply to the winner for a mailing address.

You have until I return from Orycon to put in your names - let us say that the draw will take place on November 20.

Please note the icon - it's a picture of the artwork on the extraordinarily beautiful cover of the new book...

Good luck!
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Congratulations, [ profile] wild_patience, you win the prize - a signed trade paperback copy of "Emvers of Heaven" will be on its way to you as soon as I receive a mailing address to which ti should be sent.

And there was a bonus draw. Y'see, I just got the long-delayed box of my UK mass market paperback copies of "Embers" - like, about 25 of them - and I thought I'd pull another name out of the hat, just because - it's getting on for Christmas, after all, and so MANY of you put your names into said hat that I felt a consolation prize was called for. So congratulations, [profile] ruhgozler, you win this one - again, mailing address required.

Happy reading!
anghara: (Default)'s Part The First. This Part The First is for folks based in the US of A (and Canada) only; Part The Second, I may as well announce now, will be revealed shortly and it will absolutely EXCLUDE Americans - just to even the scales. THere is a very good reason for this.

Well, anyway. Part The FIrst.

"Embers of Heaven", the follow-up novel to "The Secrets of Jin Shei", is currently easily obttainable in the UK and in Australia/New Zealand, but the folks on the North American continent (although they COULD get it if they rilly rilly tried) had a bit more trouble in obtaining their copies. So, then, in the run-up to Christmas, here's the deal: I'm hereby instituting a Prize Draw for a signed copy of the trade paperback edition of "Embers of Heaven". SHould you wish to be in the draw, please so indicate in the Comments, leaving me your email address there - the comments will, for this purpose, be Screened - I will see 'em but they won't be flapping all over the Internet. I will, upon my return from WOrld Fantasy COnvention, do a Random Draw of the names in the hopper, and I'll email the winner for a mailing address to which a signed copy of "Embers" is to be sent.

(If you already own a copy, please don't be deterred from putting your name in - you can always keep this copy as your own and give your other one away as a Christmas present to some other deserving soul...)

The draw is hereby officially open. You have until November 7.

PS - IN RESPONSE TO A PLAINTIVE ENQUIRY - no, it is NOT mandatory that you belong to my friends list in order to put yourself in for the draw...

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